Content Marketing Storytelling for the People

As marketers, we can get caught up in creating the perfect custom audience based on our current data driven world. Analytics says that our audience is x,y,z … but what the dashboards don’t tell us, and what we often forget, is that first and foremost our audience are simply people, just like you and I.

Behavioral Cues in Marketing 

We all are motivated by similar things, intrinsic and extrinsic cues prompt our behaviors. Are we seeking basic entertainment, knowledge for ourselves or perhaps to impress others, maybe a solution to a nagging problem – professionally or personally? Whatever the primary and secondary motivators are for our actions, they are identifiable and provide us with the basis for a conversation and a connection. This is where content marketing moves beyond mere content and becomes a powerful storytelling device that can move the needle, both for your brand, and for the people you are asking to trust and buy into what you are offering the world.

How Storytelling Informs Behaviors 

    • Relational Connections

      When we recognize ourselves or those we know in a story, we begin to relate and become emotionally connected.

    • Emotional Journey

      Emotional connections help to drive an investment in the story’s outcome. One we relate, we are invested and want to follow the journey because we are now part of the narrative.

    • Transformational

      Content on its own may be boring, the topic or sector could very well lack shine and excitement, but crafting a relatable and entertaining narrative can transform the conversation and bring life to a challenged brand. The best example of this – Poo-Pourri !

Are you pushing content or telling stories?

When used correctly and in a manner that speaks authentically back to the culture and backbone of the brand, storytelling is one of the most effective types of marketing available. Everywhere we look, everything we read, content is being delivered to us both discreetly and shoved at us via in-your-face methods.

How do we stand out in the blinding storm of words, pictures, and videos coming at us nonstop?

We stop. We interrupt. We don’t raise our voices just to be louder. We tell a story that matters. It doesn’t need to change the world, but it should change a moment. Make your reader or viewer laugh, think, grow, or scream AH-HA as you solve a problem they’ve been battling. Change a moment.

Are you ready to change a moment?